Garden of Love
Kassie McKay and Brian Cameron meet for the first time in Kassie’s flower shop, Roses and Lace. The attraction is immediate and unwanted. Kassie has a secret that she is afraid to reveal. Can she trust Brian enough to tell the man she has come to love? Or will he walk away and leave her heart shattered?


Frank Riley is back home in New York City after receiving a medical discharge from the Army. Torey Michaels, the woman he loves, has a secret. Will the pair be able to deal with the tragedies life has dealt them? Will their love be strong enough to survive and will Frank’s grandfather’s prediction of their destiny to be together be enough to save them?ShamrocksandLoveSongs2_200

KatieandtheCowboy_200Katie and the Cowboy

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The good news is that Katie Monroe has inherited her grandmother’s Texas ranch – her favorite place on earth. The bad news is that the will stipulates that she must keep handsome cowboy, Chance McCoy, on as foreman. The attraction is immediate and hard to deny. The question is where will it go?

As they work together on the Double M ranch, Katie learns that Chance is not like her former fiancé who often degraded her in public for her need to wear glasses and for her tendency toward clumsiness. With Chance, she becomes less self-conscious and begins to wonder if she can really trust the handsome cowboy, especially when he saves her from her nefarious neighbor who is after her land. Will she find true love in the arms of the man who has loved her from afar for so long?

For the Love of a Scotsman By Carol Lee MahlerFor the Love of a Scotsman

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Is that all there is? That was what Jenna Duncan has been asking herself after another break up, not to mention that she’s lost her passion for her profession.She comes to Scotland for her twin sister’s wedding. On her first night there, she has two encounters that leave her totally drained, three if you count the unsettling experience with a persistent ghost who has taken up residence in her room insisting that she is “the one” to help him cross over. The most upsetting encounter is meeting handsome Calum Fraser. She finds herself drawn to him, much to her dismay.

Calum is going through a messy custody battle to win back his daughters from his ex-wife. The attraction to Jenna is immediate and unwanted. Both carry a lot of emotional baggage. Will the pair be able to let down their defenses, learn to trust, and let themselves fall in love?